So where was I? Oh yeah…

This blog has been resurrected, remodeled and renamed, at least temporarily, to take advantage of a rare opportunity.

How many times in the last few years have you anguished over government excess? And how many times were you able to do something about it? To rapidly effect real change?

Sadly, there’s little we can do about Washington or Austin. And due to our omnibus budgeting process, it’s usually impossible to limit Keller’s excesses, too.

The following letter to the editor of the Keller Citizen should appear in next week’s paper, to be followed the next week with a quarter-page ad displaying the same a week later:

Frustrated with wasteful government spending?

Think there’s nothing you can do about it?

Think again!

A year ago the city council, facing declining revenue, nonetheless directed the city manager to lay off NO city staff under any circumstances. In the year since, the circumstances have only worsened.

Development in Keller has slowed dramatically (more than 50%) but the Community Development Department is still fully staffed.

Now the council is planning to issue new debt to cover its budget shortfall. It will cost taxpayers an additional $2.7 million. Council members have flatly refused repeated pleas to even consider budget cuts instead.

We now have a rare opportunity to take a firm stand against wasteful spending. We can overturn the council’s decision and take away their credit card by filing a petition of referendum. We need only about 500 signatures, but we firmly believe we can get many more.

If you’d like to help in this effort, with time or money, please contact us. Signatures will need to be gathered April 7th through May 5th. Read more at or

Jim Carson, Keller City Councilman 2006-2008

Doug Miller, Planning and Zoning Commissioner