Governor Perry of Texas and Governor Sanford of South Carolina provide solid examples in their home states why blue state politics and the economies that follow do not work. While CEOs crawl to Washington in  ‘green’ cars to grovel in front of clueless politicians and governors like Schwarzenegger continue insane fiscal policies while expecting your tax dollars to come to their rescue, Governors Perry and Sanford point to far better solutions in their states – and why the federal government’s ideas are flawed.

EXCERPT from Governors Against State Bailouts, WSJ, 02Dec08

“. . . the bailout mentality threatens Americans’ sense of personal responsibility.

In a free-market system, competition and one’s own personal stake motivate people to do their best. In this process, the winners create wealth, jobs and new investment, while others go back to the drawing board better prepared to try again.

To an unprecedented degree, government is currently picking winners and losers in the private marketplace, and throwing good money after bad. A prudent investor takes money from low-yield investments and puts them in those that yield better returns. Recent government intervention is doing the opposite — taking capital generated from productive activities and throwing it at enterprises that in many cases need to reorganize their business model.