Stopped by Sabor’s on the way home from work for a quick adult beverage and to scope the place out.  Paco was right, a very nice place indeed.  The Coors Light was very cold  😀

Told them we would have a few folks showing up on Tuesday night to watch the returns, the bartender and the owner assured me that all four big screens would have election coverage on, and they are running a $1.50 Budwieser special.  They are also offering us 25% off their food menu.

I figure 7:00pm would be a good of time as any to get it started, so show up when you can or just drop by and have a cocktail.  They offer a full bar and a great wine list.  The humidor seemed to be well stocked and the couches and chairs seemed very comfortable for an evening of talking politics and watching the returns.  Michael Barone has a breakdown hour by hour what we might expect to see posted here.

I let them know about the contest and they told me to tell Big Bob to bring cash, they weren’t so sure about his credit.

Sabor’s is located in Arthouse at Town Center, directly across from City Hall.