EXCERPT from Lights Out in 2009?  (PDF)

While renewable energy proponents, and some elected officials, are saying that the U.S. needs to only add renewable power facilities such as wind farms, the annual capacity factor of wind generators is typically about 25 – 35 percent. However, the probability that wind generators are available at their rated value during annual peak periods is only between 5 – 20 percent and varies greatly from year to year and region to region. Wind cannot be considered a reliable baseload capacity resource. . .

It pointed to the fact that “environmental activist groups” are now:

  • Suing to block the construction of virtually every single baseload coal-fired power plant, in spite of advanced environmental technologies these plants would deploy.
  • Gearing up to block construction of any baseload nuclear power plants across the West.
  • Suing or protesting virtually every proposed lease on public lands in the Rocky Mountains for natural gas drilling.
  • Working to slow or stop the completion of the two main multi-year, stakeholder-based transmission corridor processes that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress approved as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.
  • Pushing for additional endangered species designations, which will make siting and construction of both power plants and transmission lines difficult.
  • Pressuring government leaders to limit access by larger, baseload technologies to the region’s high-voltage transmission grid and, instead proposing to artificially favor non-baseload, intermittent power facilities that will (at some point) further stress the reliability of the entire Western grid.

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The [REF] report concludes: “A near fatal preoccupation with politically attractive but marginal forms of renewables seems to have caused a blindness towards the weakening of the UK’s power stations and a dangerous and helpless vulnerability to natural gas.”

The final nail in the green coffin of the American economy: Obama to declare CO2 a dangerous pollutant, 16Oct08