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I got this email last night from a concerned citizen in Argyle. 

Are the Town of Argyle elected officials looking out for your best interest?Mayor Landrum got the ball rolling for the Town of Argyle to purchase a small portion of his LPS Partners property  (the Methodist Church property in old town) and then stepped back from the deal after sowing those seeds with the council members about the availability and viability of his property.Evidently those seeds took root because Bonny Haynes and Joe Phelps are willing to spend nearly One Million Dollars of our taxpayer money, for 2.25 acres and an Old church building.

The following is a quote from Mayor Landrum in a Denton Record Chronicle article published on Sunday Oct. 5th, 2008:
“This is the right thing for the right reasons at the right time”

What is unclear is whether he is referring to his personal financial situation or what’s best for the Town of Argyle taxpayers…

Denton Record Chronicle Sheds Light on Mayor and Council members dealings:



The Denton Record Chronicle published a front page story on Sunday, October 5th highlighting the purchase of the Mayors property to be used for Argyle Town Hall.

Link to Denton Record-Chronicle article from Sunday October 5th 2008:

Included in the article is a link to the Methodist church property appraisal:

It appears the properties used in the appraisal as comparison properties are all in much larger cities, and appear to be on larger roads. Two properties are located in Ft. Worth, one in Arlington, one in Keller and one in Bedford.  These comparison properties would be more desirable and valuable due to their location. It is unclear if that was taken into consideration in this appraisal. On the surface the properties that were used just don’t seem to be an “apples to apples” comparison.

Is Mayor Landrum really concerned the Town of Argyle’s History?


Mayor Landrum claims that the sale of the Old Methodist church buildings to the town will help preserve a part of Argyle’s history. However in the following article Mayor Landrum didn’t seem as concerned with another one of Argyle’s historic buildings:
Link to Denton RC article on the tear down of an Argyle historic home:

Who is really running your Town?


The Real Estate Developers in Argyle are showing up to your town council meetings, voicing their support and praising the council for their actions/ decisions. John Michaels and Jim Haltom both addressed the council at the September 9th, 2008 meeting and praised the Town Council for their actions.

John Michaels is sole owner of Noble Classic Homes Inc., A Director of Rather-Noble LLC, A manager of Noble Western Classics LLC and is partnered with DEMA in the Argyle Town Village:

John Michaels is also the V.P. / President-elect of the Argyle Chamber of Commerce.

One of John Michaels business partners is Wayne Holt who happens to be the Chairman of the Argyle Planning and Zoning Commission:

According to Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller,
John Michaels and Wayne Holt are partnered as Noble Western Classics LLC.
Tax ID # 32033522221 File number: 0800855685 Zipcode 76226
They are both listed as the only two officers/directors for Noble Western Classics LLC-

Felony Voter Fraud in the Town of Argyle:


John Michaels business partner, Teresa Rather (owner of the Real Estate Station) and her husband, were recently indicted by the Denton County District Attorney for felony voter fraud in the recent Town of Argyle elections.

Teresa Rather Voter Fraud article in the Denton Record-Chronicle:

Teresa Rather and John Michaels founded the “Argyle Concerned Citizens for Change”.

This PAC fund group took in approximately $25,000 and spent about $18,000 on the Town of Argyle elections this last spring. According to the article the vast majority of the contributions came from John Michaels, Teresa Rather and her business The Real Estate Station.

Conflict of interest in the Town of Argyle?


Teresa Rather who was recently indicted on felony voter fraud charges in the most recent Town of Argyle election is also representing Mayor Landrum in the sale of his LPS Partners properties located at 5905 Pine Valley (in Tour 18), 8221 Sawgrass and 3324 Club View (in Country Club Village).

Does your voice need to be heard?
If you feel we need an immediate change in the Town of Argyle please attend the Argyle Town Council Meeting tomorrow night Tuesday, October 7th and express your concerns to the people who are making these decisions and spending YOUR tax money.


All I can say is wow.