Tonight we were briefed about the Thursday Town Center Visioning meeting, requesting that only two members show up for the Public Meeting and a 2:00 meeting with the Mayor and staff to make sure we didn’t have a Quorum and violate the Texas Open Meetings Act.  I expressed my displeasure with the way the public was being notified during the meeting and in a short session I had with Richard Ludke after the meeting was over.

This whole thing has been bungled by staff and possibly the Mayor.  The explanation I recieved was that the Mayor wanted to get this process over before the Holiday season and the consultant pushed for this schedule.  Where the staff screwed up was not getting a notice in the Citizen last Friday.  Richard stated that they were given misleading information from the Citizen on when the deadline was for placing the notice in the paper so they missed getting it in the paper last week.  I told Richard that they needed more than a notice, that they needed to have a front page story detailing how the process was going to work.

I told Richard, as a citizen that I was disappointed in the whole process.  That with everything that happened last year at this time this whole process needs to appear to be as open and translucent as possible.  Right now it looks like they are trying to sneak one by the citizens.

There was some clarification given though, for those of you that can’t make the meeting, there will be a public comment period that officially runs from tomorrow through the end of the month.   Richard also stated that post cards were mailed to every HOA in Keller last Monday.

I am going to send the Mayor an email and ask his side of the story why this got so messed up.  It’s so disappointing because this should have been handled better.  I’d also like to hear Councilman Holmes’ opinion on this also, so Mitch, if you are reading, post up a comment or give me a call.