The old fighter pilot has rolled the dice one more time, picking 44-year-old Alaskan governor and beauty queen Sarah Palin for his running mate.

From an ideological point of view, it is an excellent choice. She mirrors Johh McCain and George Bush down to the last jot and tittle: anti-abortion, pro-oil, pro-gun, etc. etc. She’s Charlton Heston on estrogen (lots of it). She should be a big help in shoring up the base.

She also will appeal to women who are not part of the Republican base, but will vote for any woman who can get herself on any ticket, without regard to political affiliation or issues.

She’s under an ethics investigation in Alaska, but I hear she has a very good explanation that will appeal to women.

I understand she is extremely capable, a great speaker, blunt and to the point, and she has an 80% approval rating in Alaska. They don’t get much higher than that.

I’m sure she will wipe up the floor with Joe Biden on foreign policy, and now McCain can brag that HIS inexperienced candidate is just a running mate, while the democrat inexperienced candidate is at the top of the ticket. Reminds me of O Brother, Where Art Thou, where incumbent Gov. Pappy O’Daniel is commiserating with his campaign “brain trust” re opponent Homer Stokes’ lead over him in the governor’s race. Of particular chagrin for the O’Daniel campaign is the fact that Stokes was driving home his twin themes of “I’m for the little man” and “Let’s sweep this state clean” by appearing everywhere he goes with a midget wielding a broom.

Pappy’s son Junior* has an epiphany, and blurts out “Hey, Pappy, I got a idea. Why don’t we get our own midget, even littler than Stokes’s?” Of course that was greeted with a string of expletives about being a “Johnny Come Lately” and Junior slumped into his usual dejected blob. The difference here is, PappyO’Daniel is not John McCain. One of them is fictional…

I realize presidents don’t live forever and John McCain’s medical record is 1100 pages long as compared to Obama’s 1, but I’m sure Gov. Palin will make a convincing case that she is as ready for that 3 a.m. call as Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

And she’s a heckuva lot easier to look at for 4-8 years than Joe Lieberman.

*The best assessment of Junior was supplied by Pappy when he said, “Junior, it’s a good thing your momma died in childbirth. If she’d a seen ya, she woulda died of shame”