Latest: House Republicans oil protest to resume August 4.

I was pleased to see that our U.S. Congressman, Dr. Michael Burgess, joined the revolt on Friday afternoon, 01Aug08, against the draconian tactics of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi wishes to replicate the failed energy policies of California on a national level. Democrats have even shut down the normal budget procedures to prevent Republicans from offering amendments to appropriation bills that would open a debate and a vote on drilling for more oil in our country. Reducing the price of gas, putting people to work and sending less money overseas to tyrannical governments for a resource on our own shores is not even worth considering in the mind of a Democrat. Everything is subjugated to the green religion and the global warming superstition. Amazing.

The actions of Rep. Burgess and others on the darkened House floor (Democrats turned off the lights and the microphones) reminded me of several short patriotic featurettes from the late 1930s I recently viewed. In these three color shorts (all available via Netflix), John Litel plays Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. He galvanizes his fellow countrymen to action against a tyrannical government in 1775-1776. These inspiring featurettes would add value to a KISD history class.

Kudos to Rep. Michael Burgess and others that support drilling for oil. They need to keep up the pressure and open our shores and ANWR to oil drilling. Hurricane Katrina took out Gulf oil platforms and we never heard about big oil spills. This, and the Audubon Society drilling on nature preserves, is proof that drilling is environmentally sound.

House GOP revolts over gas prices, 01Aug08

In total, 48 Republicans spoke on the floor Friday, offering remarks ranging from the impassioned to the plainly partisan. Michigan Rep. Thaddeus G. McCotter declared, “This is the People’s House. This is not Pelosi’s Politburo.” He later pretended to be a Democrat, walking to their side of the floor to announce all the votes they had prevented. . . 

Related energy and transportation updates:

  • A growing chorus, Drew Thornley, Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), summarizes the sane voices calling for more domestic drilling, 12Jun08
    • “This chorus will grow for a number of reasons, but mostly because its message is the most sensible and the alternatives are too damning. The current path leads to energy poverty and failure. Americans are exasperated with the effects of Congress’ energy-policy incompetence. Petroleum prices are climbing, rogue states aren’t becoming any less troublesome, and this country and her energy needs are only growing.”
  • Had enough of eco-lobby’s energy prices?, Investor’s Business Daily, 28Jul08
    • “But consider that with new off-shore drilling technology, even Hurricane Katrina’s major wallop was unable to cause oil spills from any of the numerous drilling platforms operating in the Gulf of Mexico. As a result of the environmental lobby’s years of influence in the nation’s capitol, two-thirds of the oil used today in the United States is imported from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Iraq, Algeria, Angola and Russia.”
  • Put a tyrant in your tank, Mother Jones, May/June 2008
    • “Generally speaking, Western companies use the latest technology to reduce waste and maximize oil-field output. But with corrupt leaders bleeding money from state oil coffers, cash that might have been invested in better equipment, the national firms tend to extract less oil from the ground and expend far more energy doing so. Despite vast deposits, oil-field production has been dropping in Mexico, Iran, and Venezuela.”
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