What’s surprising about the phone & email feedback I’ve been getting from the letter I sent to Keller voters is how few were negative in any way. In fact, the most negative thing said was simply “what’s wrong with massage therapy at the Pointe or DVDs at the library?” I’ll address that in another post tomorrow.

Here’s the most positive email (not counting the email notifications of generous donors):

Mr. Carson,

Well done. Your letter in answer to your opponents’ open letter to Keller citizens was clear, to the point, detailed your voting history, provided explanations for your votes on specific issues, and avoided personal attacks against your opponents.

After reading your critics’ open letter to Keller citizens, I was very concerned that you were blind with power and using it against city employees and staff to intimidate and bully them. However, they failed to bring to my attention specific instances of your alleged abuse of power and intimidation tactics. Instead they raised general character attacks based on nothing specific. I believe their letter was an attempt to discredit you without providing specific evidence to support their claims.

As you well know, we citizens, whether local voters or state/federal voters, are tired of character attacks. We want to hear about specific issues and how they affect us personally. Your letter did just that and very well. You’ve proven to me that you represent voters who want limited government control in their lives; reductions and cuts in unnecessary spending for items that could be privately funded; and notification about abuse of public funding by a small few who want to further their own personal interests regarding the direction and growth of our city.

–Richelle Aldrich

Thank you very much, Mrs. Aldrich.

Here’s a link to the trumped up charges of intimidation and interference they were referring to: http://kellercitylimits.com/?p=387