They think you’re stupid.

In a front-page article on the proposed Keller library, the Keller Citizen strongly implies that the new library will cost the average Keller homeowner about $7 per year. This is preposterous, as I’ve discussed here.

The important question is “Why would a Mayor and City Council allow such a dismal representation of cost to appear in the newspaper?” Why wouldn’t they say something more truthful, such as “The proposed library will cost about $750 per Keller household, plus an additional $16 per household per year for increased cost of operations?”

Of course, the Keller Citizen article is true in a hypertechnical way. Money is wonderfully fungible, so if you want to build a library and need to build a fire station, you just use up all the budget surplus on the library, then tell the taxpayers that the fire station will require a tax increase. And who could be against that?