On the way home from work today, I heard a newsclip from a big shot from TxDOT or DART, can’t remember. But the basic jest was they are going to turn the HOV lanes in Dallas into Toll Lanes. His quote was; “They are doing it in Europe, and it’s the new thing. I think we are behind the curve.” (don’t take my quotation marks as a direct quote….it isn’t, I’m getting old and can’t find my keys most mornings)

I hate HOV lanes, think they are a stupid use of concrete. Just open a new lane and let everybody move faster. And don’t get me started on Toll Roads….and especially 121 which was funded by TxDOT (meaning you and me) and then “sold” at auction.

But what really made me mad was the fact that the Europeans are doing it, we should be doing it also. Next thing they know, DART will be wanting to follow London’s lead and charge to drive downtown.

Shouldn’t they be looking for the Billion dollars they misplaced for the train to Irving?