This coming Tuesday, the city council’s first agenda item is “Discuss and consider possible Charter violations by Jim Carson and take any appropriate action.”

Adrienne Nettles has the byline in the Star-Telegram:

Mayor says he will seek inquiry

Star-Telegram staff writer

KELLER — Mayor Pat McGrail said he will ask the City Council to investigate whether Councilman Jim Carson violated a city charter provision that bans council members from interfering with city administration and from giving orders to employees.

The City Council is expected to consider McGrail’s request at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Carson has denied that he violated the provision, which calls for his removal if found guilty of any violations.

“I think I have done nothing wrong or anything even questionable,” Carson said Friday. “I have done my job, and I’ve done it well.”

The charter provision states that except for inquiries, council members must go through the city manager regarding the city administration. The provision also bans council members from giving orders publicly or privately to any subordinate of the city manager.

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Click here to read the Interim City Manager’s letter, with attachments

Kevin Lahner’s interpretation of the Charter just baffles me. When a Keller resident contacts me and says “The city manager is a dirty rotten fink, and so-and-so in Accounting can confirm it,” I am supposed to follow up by contacting the city manager? I guess the conversation would go something like this:

Me: Are you a dirty rotten fink?
City Manager: No.
Me: Well OK, then.

Steve Trine accuses me of violating applicants’ rights to due process by disclosing what I think before hearing the application. Steve has it exactly backward. By publicly stating my understanding of the facts and my reasoning, I am giving the applicant an advantage. He can then formulate a counter-argument, pointing out any errors I’ve made.

The City Council is not some jury that needs to be sequestered. We are leaders, and it is our duty to share information with the community. What goes on in our heads is the most important information of all.

I’ve never said to anyone that I’m going to get them fired. I did tell Keller’s contracted massage therapist that the City of Keller (or any government) should not be in the massage business, and that I would try to get the Council to agree with me and shut it down.