Second time in two weeks where they haven’t picked it up…..going to call City Hall Monday and get the run around.

I can already predict the conversation….

Me:  They didn’t pick up my recycling bin again

Them:  You need to call Trinity directly

Me:  Well, I don’t contract with Trinity, you do.  I don’t pay Trinity, I pay you.  You should be responsible for the lack of service.

Them:  Sorry sir, you need to call Trinity directly.


Me:  Hello Trinity, you didn’t pick up my recycling bin now for the second time in three weeks.

Trinity:  Sorry sir, I will make a notation of this and we hope that it doesn’t happen again.

Me:  Thanks for wasting more of my time. 


Next time somebody complains at a City Council meeting or in the paper, city staff will be shocked because they haven’t received a single complaint.