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Last night the Keller City Council approved, four-to-Jim, a new budget. When I ran for office, my number one goal was to defeat Taj MahaLibrary. My number two goal was to restrain the growth of Keller’s budget. Having achieved Goal One, Goal Two became paramount. Alas, the adjectives describing my failure on Goal Two are […]

Hats Off


Requesting fellow council members actually NOT reply to this entry so as to avoid a technical breach of—of all laws—the Texas Open Meetings Act, KCL bloggers will take delight to learn that $337,240 currently proposed in the City’s FY ’07 budget have been identified by staff as no longer necessary. It’s because Jim Carson beamed […]

My boss broke his leg last weekend and since I work for a small family operation, it means my workload has doubled this week. I did have time to peruse the propsed budget for about an hour the other night at the library, but I continue to forget to bring my notes to work. From […]

Buried in the ST article about Hidden Lakes was this paragraph: In other action, the city manager will propose a tax rate of 43.219 cents per $100 assessed property value, which equals the effective tax rate. The effective tax rate is the rate that will generate the same amount of revenue as the previous year. […]