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Local Blog Walker Talker has a post up about houses for sale on her street, she reports: Who says the housing market is down? On my dead-end street of about 10 houses, 3 have been for sale this last month. The first one on the market in ONE WEEK had 10 visits, and a bidding […]

When will the madness end?  From Right Wing News: So how in the world did GM end up in this position? You can blame it on many things, and rightfully so – bad management decisions, the economy, etc. But one of those things that has to be right up there at the top of the […]

Interesting post from Trey Garrison: Urban yokels like to complain about urban and suburban sprawl, but it turns out one of the reasons the DFW has been spared from the national real estate bubble is because — with the exception of the forwardDallas! plan — Dallas and the surrounding ‘burbs aren’t saddled with onerous “smart […]

My dad reads the newspapers from around the world to get a different view on the news.  Tonight he sent this article from The Guardian: Those keen to draw wider inferences from its success might note that the last time AC/DC made No 1 in Britain, the country was on the brink of recession. Back […]

Down below $65 this weekend, expect it to continue to fall.

From Dallas Dirt: “We are very lucky to be in Texas right now,” he said, where we have great leadership, a pro-growth and business climate, light regulation and affordable homes. We never had a crazy run on housing prices here, he said, and we have a great quality of life in Dallas. While we are part […]

Via Trey Garrison: Dallas/Fort Worth’s stayed afloat this time due to credit continued demand for office space, construction willpower, job growth and diversity in the business base. “The bottom is not likely to fall in this market as much as others because demand has been sustained,” Alvarado says. “Dallas’ Achilles heel has always been excessive […]

Talked to Community Development Manager Richard Ludke today and was informed that the regular P&Z meeting for next Monday night was going to be canceled because there wasn’t a single item to put on the agenda.  I forgot to ask him when the last time this took place, but will Monday night. We will be […]

But I did.  On October 6th I said: One thing locally to watch out for is the free fall of natural gas prices.  All of these signing bonuses and high royalty payments have been fueling the Ft. Worth economy.  I expect to have some suprised neighbors when they start pulling offers of $20,000/acre off the […]

 EXCERPT from Lights Out in 2009?  (PDF) While renewable energy proponents, and some elected officials, are saying that the U.S. needs to only add renewable power facilities such as wind farms, the annual capacity factor of wind generators is typically about 25 – 35 percent. However, the probability that wind generators are available at their […]

From D Magazine’s Frontburner site today: We’re in the third inning of a nine-inning game, with a lot of “devaluation” in the stock and property markets still to come. But Texas, Ground Zero of the ’80s S&L crisis, is better-positioned to ride out the debacle than many areas–though even here there’ll be no escaping this […]

The Dow dropped over 700 points today and I passed by two job sites off of 7th Avenue in Ft. Worth that have been abandoned.  I have this feeling of 1988 again. Back in those days I was married to a person I didn’t particularly care for, the economy was in the tank and I […]