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The Barnett Shale has been huge for the North Texas economy and is sited as one of the reasons why we are not in a recession here as some of the other parts of the country. The land men have been walking our neighborhood trying to get people to sign leases for pennies on the […]

UPDATE (12Jul08): The Keller Citizen updated its letters to the editor section (after many months of no updates) late on July 11, 2008, after I posted my original comment below. I’m looking forward to seeing the latest letters appearing online each week when the hardcopy version hits our mailboxes. ———————————– Jim Carson’s letter in the 11 July 2008 […]

Tomorrow’s Keller Citizen will have the following Letter to the Editor: Editor: We wish to respond to last week’s letter to the editor by Ms. Betty Hipple. We are, respectively, the councilman who proposed the idea of council members receiving a family membership to the Keller Pointe, and the councilman most in favor of the […]

The High Life


Happy to see that a long overdue restroom at the Keller-Smithfield activity node is under construction. I don’t know why it took so long. I can only conclude that the city number-crunchers figured out that in the long run, building a john would be cheaper than filling the sandbox with “Fresh Step” and its associated […]

There’s a rumor going around the Keller Pointe (Keller’s recreational facility) that I want to close it. It’s not true. I paid a visit to the Pointe last week to check out our new massage services area. While there I got into a bit of a debate regarding the civic value of various recreational opportunities […]

Description: The proposed project would provide an off-leash area for citizens to exercise their dogs within a contained/fenced area while socializing with other dog enthusiasts. The proposed project would include two large fenced areas for dogs to roan, one for dogs 40 pounds and over, and a separate area for dogs weighing less than 40 […]

Description: The proposed Tennis Center includes sixteen (16) lighted tennis courts with a pro shop, restroom facilities and a parking lot. Land costs are not included in the project total. It is anticipated that the facility would be constructed on existing park land or through a public/public or public/private joint agreement. The facility is expected […]

Description: The project includes an amphitheater with lighting and terraced seating in the Parks at Town Center. Total cost includes: Amphitheater = $164,000 Stage lighting = $44,000 Terraced seating = $180,000 Justification: The proposed amphitheater is included in the Town Center Master Plan. The amphitheater will provide a community stage within Town Center to host […]

I live right across the street from a future NRH park. The area consists of about 40 acres of trees and grass that is actually a very pretty piece of property. Over the last 3 years, the local kids on motorcycles and four wheelers have taken over the property. The fences and gates are all […]

I thought the Johnson Road Park PACT Playground was a dead issue, since it was torn down and replaced over a year ago. I certainly did not think it would be made a campaign issue. But I was wrong. In a letter to the editor (“Pure Fiction,” The Keller Citizen, March 23), a writer listed […]

Last night I had the privilege to accompany my 7-year-old daughter to the Father/Daughter sweetheart ball at the Keller Pointe.  It is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to take her to this Keller Parks and Rec function. It was, as always, a first class event and I had the opportunity to thank Dona […]

One of the items on next Tuesday’s city council agenda is a resolution requesting the State Legislature to increase funding for the Texas Recreation and Parks Account Local Park Grant Program and the Texas State Park System. The TRPA is a grant program for parkland acquisition and development whereby the State gives monies to local […]