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Tonight, the City Council denied Waste Managements proposed rate increase.  With Oil Prices the lowest they have been in 3 1/2 years, it was poor timing on their part.  If they had brought this proposal last summer, when Diesel prices were $5 a gallon, I think it would have passed.

Went to the TC Visioning Meeting last night, and it seemed to be more productive than the first meeting.  Everybody stated that the message of no more apartments has been received and there seemed to be more of a feeling of what direction that we can go in the future for the remaining land in […]

Busy Week

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On Monday: The Keller Economic Development Board and the Keller City Council will conduct a joint meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 17, at Keller Town Hall. The meeting is set to discuss the goals and objectives of the KEDB, the City’s incentives policy and determine target businesses that the City would like to attract. […]

So, after a very busy day at work, I go home eat dinner, plop on the couch and turn on the TV….to channel 27.  My wife and I sat and watched the City Council UDC Workshop for over 3 hours.  Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with me. I will say the Council did […]

Jim Carson was cleared of Charter Violations…..if you are new to the site, or to Keller, the comments are worth a read. Last year I spent my anniversary at a City Council Meeting, this year I have to make up for it and take my wife out to a nice dinner.

I posted this under a different headline, questioning the Texas Open Meetings act, and got it all wrong. Had lunch today at the new Zaxby’s and ran into Mayor Pat McGrail. He told me there was an article coming out in the Citizen tomorrow detailing how three City Council Members showed up for the 2:00 […]

But do their residents? As many as 17,000 homes could have a new address if the U.S. Postal Service goes through with a proposal to split the Keller ZIP code and create a new one for north Fort Worth. The proposal is fueling much debate about neighborhood identity and raising concerns about emergency response times, […]

Highlights of the agenda include: Consider a resolution amending Resolution No. 2589, dated September 18, 2007; and authorizing the renewal and amending of the Interlocal Agreement for Police Services with the Town of Westlake, Texas, from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2013. I have an opinion on this item, but let’s just say that […]

In my duties as a P&Z Commissioner, I often send an email to the Mayor and City Council explaining in detail why I voted for or against something. It was actually recommended we do this by Stan Lowry, our City Attorney, and encouraged by our Mayor as it help facilitate better communications between the bodies. […]

Next Tuesday, February 5, the council will consider a resolution to spend $55,000 of taxpayer funds toward the purchase of a statue. The statue would be placed at Keller Veteran’s Park at the intersection of 1709 and 377. The remaining $25,000 is to be raised through voluntary donations via the Rotary Club. I will argue […]

Mitch Holmes posted the following excerpt on another thread. I agree with him that it deserves its own discussion: Effective representation takes three accurate listeners on every vote, sometimes four in cases requiring a super majority. Keller saw a poor example of that just last Tuesday night, when we voted 3-2 to reject a would-be […]

At this Tuesday’s council meeting, the following people will be waterboarded appointed to serve on Keller’s Boards and Commissions. I can tell you the council had a difficult time with these appointments—the caliber of applicants was just extraordinary. We wondered aloud about the possibility of expanding the size of some of these boards to take […]