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I’m starting to lean that direction after an email I received tonight.  While some people may think I’m against everything and anything, that isn’t true.  Take a trip down memory lane to 2006 where I came out publicly for the bond. It will be a very hard sell for me to vote for the stadium, […]

The Positively Keller slate of candidates is backed by the powers that brought you the late night vote that approved a library without the vote of the citizens. Watch this video and be amazed at the names brought up in the Mayor’s remarks on who should be on the steering committee, they are pretty much […]

I forgot the Citizen doesn’t publish LTTE the week of the election, and have been sitting on this one for a week or two. It’s a version of my Joe’s vs. Schmoes. I’m going to post it here so at least some of you will be able to read it. To the Editor: The way […]

I received this via email from a frequent commenter on this blog, John McNaughton. I’ve met John and his lovely wife Elaine on a couple occasions and think the world of them. John and Elaine aren’t power brokers, ex elected officials, Rotary Club or Chamber Presidents—just honest hardworking tax paying citizens of Keller. I asked […]

The Keller Citizen had a pretty intensive article on websites and the upcoming election, although it was mainly about Positively Keller dot com. The article asks the question if Positively Keller is a PAC but doesn’t answer it, instead leaving it up to their readers to decide. So, readers of the Citizen, post up a […]

[Admin Note: This is being transcribed by the slowest transcriber in Keller. Keep checking back for updates. kthx] Introductory Remarks by Joe Petersen: Good Evening! Welcome to the 2008 Keller City Council Candidates’ Forum. My name is Joe Petersen and I’m chairman of the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is producing this event […]

…that’s how many people showed up to vote today at Town Hall. That’s well short of daily vote totals in 2006 and 2007, but I’m not worried. I’ve heard from plenty of people who are withholding final judgment until they’ve heard from the candidates tonight. My campaign letter went out in the mail this morning, […]

Reading through the Positively Keller website, this website and the LTTE’s in the Citizen, a certain theme runs through the Anti-Jim candidates’ supporters. The City Staff knows best. We shouldn’t question their authority or knowledge, lest we disrupt the City. That is the theme of this election. So, I ask, why even have an election? […]

He’re a fun way to waste some time in our cubicles: Go to, type in “positively keller” and then click the “I’m feeling lucky” button. Go ahead. I’ll be here when you get back.

Hidden Lakes has come through again with a very good questionnaire (why can’t the Star-Telegram and League of Women Voters come up with questions that are important to Keller, instead of boring generic queries?) Anyway, here’s the link to Hidden Lakes’ questionnaire: I’ll surely have more to say, but you need to know in […]

Former Mayor Dave Phillips came out this time last year in support of Mayor Tandy in her reelection bid. It caused quite a stir because when McGrail and Tandy faced off the first time, he supported McGrail. His letter to the editor was quite funny actually, he stated that he was supporting Tandy because Pat […]

That title is straight to the point, isn’t it? Most campaign advisors would probably cringe at such language. I’m not an advisor; I’m a supporter. One of the lessons I learned growing up was that if you didn’t vote, don’t complain. I take it one step further…if you really feel strongly for a candidate, you […]