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This was posted today in both the Mayor’s weekly update and the City’s main page.  I didn’t “read” the Keller Citizen, but rather skimmed it today and didn’t see a mention in there.  The timing of the meeting kind of ticks me off as this should have been publicized further out than 6 days.  Heck, […]

Help Wanted


Every ten years or so, the people of Keller, Texas, arise from their great slumber and stage a bloody coup.  In the mid-to-late 90’s, much of the city council, including the mayor, was recalled.  In the 2006 election, three council members were summarily dismissed for one overriding reason: they tried to deny you the right to […]

The polls have now closed. Nearly 5,000 Keller voters showed up for this election. Thank you. The city secretary tells me the results will be ready about 8pm or later. I’ll post as soon as I know. Here’s a link to general election results: Click here Early voting results are in, and all challengers are […]

Jim Maine has some new information over at Go check it out.

A very fine dentist here in Keller told me, “Your blog seems library intensive. I’m interested in where you stand on other issues.” Touché. I’ve been so obsessed with the proposals on the ballot I’ve neglected to mention other important Keller topics. Here now for your enjoyment are my responses to some emails I’ve received:

From a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article dated October 31, 1999: Keller officials are optimistic that there will be a strong turnout for Tuesday’s election on a $10 million bond issue to build a new library. Early voting turnout was excellent, officials said as the polls closed Friday evening. Keller City Secretary Sheila Stephens said 666 […]

Today’s (5/5/06) Fort Worth Star-Telegram features dueling op-eds by Mayor Julie Tandy and freelance writer and humorist Monty Snow. Not to be missed. She said He said

It’s the oldest trick in the municipal budgeting playbook: Get the people to vote themselves a tax for the things everyone wants, then you can free up some budget dollars for the things you want. For many years, Keller’s tax base growth has easily supported the corresponding growth in the budget of the Keller Police […]

A recent communiqué from a Keller City Council member states categorically “Our streets and roads are in good shape. ” Hmmm. As recently as this year, the results of a street survey were presented to the City Council. According to the report, 20% of Keller’s streets are graded unacceptable. To get to the bottom of […]

Of the six candidates seeking seats on the Keller City Council, four now have websites: Place 2: Jim Badalamenti (incumbent): No known website Mark Harness: Place 3: Bob Kirk: Russell Lake (incumbent): Place 4: Jim Carson: Sheryl Roberts (incumbent): No known website Note that all city council seats are “at large.” […]

If you haven’t read today’s (4/20/2006) Star-Telegram, start with this link. If you still believe the city’s statistic of 800 people per day visiting the library, read this link. Nothing stimulates the mind like a good argument. I enjoy making and conceding points with my political adversaries. But sometimes when people begin to lose an […]

There’s a new website,, that lays out a rational case for voting against the current library proposal. Please consider our arguments alongside those of the Vote YES Committee before you go to the polls in May. Consider this post to be an open thread for anyone to discuss anything they wish regarding the library. […]