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OK, everybody here knows I have a distaste for public funding for art, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the arts as much as the next guy. One of the things that got me excited about Arthouse, was with new Galleries, there would be more outlets for people to display and sell their wares. […]

From the Star Telegram today (was also in the Keller Citizen last week) A copper sculpture of a mountain lion cub on display on a hiking trail near city hall could be the latest target of copper thieves in North Texas, authorities said today. Someone stole the cub valued at several thousand dollars between Feb. […]

Next Tuesday, February 5, the council will consider a resolution to spend $55,000 of taxpayer funds toward the purchase of a statue. The statue would be placed at Keller Veteran’s Park at the intersection of 1709 and 377. The remaining $25,000 is to be raised through voluntary donations via the Rotary Club. I will argue […]

Tuesday night the Keller City Council held a budget workshop. The two dominant topics were funding for the Arts and the city’s personnel costs. Since the election in May, city council members chose to make a policy decision regarding the funding of the Public Arts Board. In the past, the PAB had been funded by […]

According to the Star-Telegram, ARTSNET, an arts organization in North Tarrant County, is seeking a new home: Six Northeast Tarrant County cities have said they are interested in serving as the next home for ARTSNET. The arts organization is asking the cities to submit formal proposals by May 4. Where is ARTSNET? For 32 years, […]

Musing while dragging my knuckles over the floor of the CAVE…

The Keller City Council voted unanimously to spend $52,500 on a work of sculpture this past Tuesday, January 18th, 2006. Your humble blogger holds that public funding of the arts is always wrong, regardless of content or amount. Here are two reasons why: George Washington said, “Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It […]