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In a 3-2 vote, the Council and Mayor cleared Councilman Carson of any Charter Violations. The Old Guard was out in force trying to get rid of their nemesis, the owner of this blog. It didn’t work, and in the process made the Interim City Manager look like a bitter little man. When was the […]

This coming Tuesday, the city council’s first agenda item is “Discuss and consider possible Charter violations by Jim Carson and take any appropriate action.” Adrienne Nettles has the byline in the Star-Telegram: Mayor says he will seek inquiry By ADRIENNE NETTLES Star-Telegram staff writer KELLER — Mayor Pat McGrail said he will ask the City […]

Tuesday night, the Keller City Council voted to put a $4 million library expansion on the November ballot. The $4 million amount was derived by summing the cost of Option 2a, $3,760,000, and technology costs of $133,500 and a $156,000 calculation error made by the consultant. I argued my little heart out that we should […]

When my fellow council members and I toured some area libraries a few weeks ago, we visited Timberglen library—a satellite library in Dallas. Timberglen was chosen because it was a Silver-level LEED-certified building. It was a disaster—the natural-cork flooring was buckling up all over, the automatic-dimming lights automatically kept the building too dim all the […]

Today we had our annual City Council Goals Retreat. ‘Retreat’ is a bit of an exaggeration—we retreated all the way to the community room in the Police facility. It’s a day-long session where the council and department heads hash out the goals for next year, from which the budget is developed. The day started with […]

A prequel to the saga of The Million Dollar Ditch: In the beginning, God created a dry wash. God didn’t see any point in giving it a name, but it later became known as Highland Oaks Crossing Channel on Tributary LB-3, which did not exactly please God. We’ll just call it the ditch, not for […]

Description: The project includes an amphitheater with lighting and terraced seating in the Parks at Town Center. Total cost includes: Amphitheater = $164,000 Stage lighting = $44,000 Terraced seating = $180,000 Justification: The proposed amphitheater is included in the Town Center Master Plan. The amphitheater will provide a community stage within Town Center to host […]

I thought the Johnson Road Park PACT Playground was a dead issue, since it was torn down and replaced over a year ago. I certainly did not think it would be made a campaign issue. But I was wrong. In a letter to the editor (“Pure Fiction,” The Keller Citizen, March 23), a writer listed […]



Back in July of 2006, Dallas Mayor Laura Miller sent an urgent email to the mayors of DFW cities, asking them to support her crusade against TXU.  In her letter she said that, among other things, these new coal-burning power plants would “spew 115 million tons of carbon dioxide” into the atmosphere, thus exacerbating the […]

A hot topic in Austin this year will surely be Appraisal and/or Revenue Caps. Appraisal caps are legal limitations on how much the appraised value of real (taxable) property can increase. For example, if you have a 5% appraisal cap, the taxable value of your home cannot rise more than 5% in any one year, […]