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Scary stuff coming out of Oklahoma: McALESTER — The Pittsburg County District Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed the operator of the “McAlester Watercooler” Web site, demanding that he identify 35 people who post comments under fictional names. The document demands that Harold King provide the site posters’ names, addresses and Social Security numbers to police by […]

It seems that every blog I read has had a post on this issue in the last month. With the sudden surge of oil prices and the lag of real estate prices, some people are blaming suburbia for the collapse of society. There is a good discussion of this topic at the Freakonomics Blog. Basically, […]

Thinking about starting a podcast that would occasionally interview a mover or shaker in Keller. They wouldn’t be regularly scheduled as my available time is limited. I do think it would be a good way to find out some insight into some of the people around town. The people that I first thought of are […]

Sure, it creates millions upon millions of dollars of revenue for the City, but there seems to be a problem according to Channel 11: A popular North Texas shopping area is being used like a daycare center, according to police in Southlake. Police are seeing a spike in crime at the Southlake Town Square because […]

One of the few conservative Republicans left, Representitive Henersarling has a great column up at National Review Key paragraphs: The airlines have clearly been hurt badly by our nation’s energy woes, but to lay blame on investors is off the mark. Energy investors represent a timely scapegoat for the airline industry, which is currently coming […]

Remember his post from last year? Here’s Penn and Teller’s take….warning, some language is not work friendly. The site is not letting me embed the video, so you’ll have to click the link.

I arrived at this meeting a few minutes late, so I assume I missed  Mr. Burgess discuss the  Housing and Foreclosure Act (HR3221) that  the House and Senate passed and the President has said he will sign. This is a disastrous bill that will severely punish those who pay their mortgages on time, and bail-out […]

Dallasite Richard Bitner explains the subprime mess on the The Daily Show. You can order his book here. I plan on reading the book on the beach in Cabo this weekend, I’ll try to get a review up after I return.

DMN has another good map out today. Shows 76248 home sales down 14% but median sales price up 1%. On another note, my neighbors sold thier house in 9 days and had almost 20 people look at it. They got pretty close to asking price. On the same day, another house sold on the street […]

McCain Ad It’s 8 minutes long, but very well done.

This article states that State Senator Shapiro will announce for US Senate tonight. While living in Denton County, I got to work with Senator Shapiro on a few issues and found her to be very bright and personable. She does have some issues with nanny statism though….not a liberterian by any means. Kind of like […]

Seems the City of Keller isn’t the only one blocking websites that are critical of the day to day operations. From the PoliTex blog: In case you’ve missed it, the Star-Telegram began running a six-part series focusing on the JPS Health Network, Tarrant County’s public hospital system, on Sunday. The first three parts can be […]