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I’m sure you have read the Headlines on Drudge or elsewhere about the Governor of Illinois getting arrested this morning.  For a local take on the situation, be sure to check out my brother’s blog here.  His site is getting hammered, so if it doesn’t load, try again.’ UPDATE:  My brother’s Chicago Sun Times Column […]

RINO Hunting

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Got to love The Nuge: Make no mistake, conservative values and ideologies are embraced by Americans. The polls all indicate Americans are fed up with the Pelosi-led, do nothing congress, and do not support more government programs and control. Sounds to me like we have a conservative revolution brewing. Conservative leaders and thinkers such as […]

A message I received today: With the 2008 elections behind us, I have now embarked on a special mission to help Republicans win back a Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. I am running for Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) – the campaign arm of the elected House leadership. If chosen […]

The original Internet political quiz. Over 11 million have taken this 60 second quiz since 1995. Fun and informative. I Double Dog Dare you to post your scores! Here’s mine: Your PERSONAL issues Score is 60%. Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 100%. (Libertarian with some conservative leanings)

I posted this under a different headline, questioning the Texas Open Meetings act, and got it all wrong. Had lunch today at the new Zaxby’s and ran into Mayor Pat McGrail. He told me there was an article coming out in the Citizen tomorrow detailing how three City Council Members showed up for the 2:00 […]

But do their residents? As many as 17,000 homes could have a new address if the U.S. Postal Service goes through with a proposal to split the Keller ZIP code and create a new one for north Fort Worth. The proposal is fueling much debate about neighborhood identity and raising concerns about emergency response times, […]

You ain’t seen nothing….. I got this email last night from a concerned citizen in Argyle.  Are the Town of Argyle elected officials looking out for your best interest?Mayor Landrum got the ball rolling for the Town of Argyle to purchase a small portion of his LPS Partners property  (the Methodist Church property in old […]

From the Star Telegram: Carroll schools Superintendent David Faltys will get free housing provided by the school district after other school districts tried to poach him. School board members want to keep Faltys as the leader of the 7,900-student school district, which holds the highest rating under the state’s four-tier academic accountability system. Faltys has […]

Take a look at the different taxing entities meeting agendas.  Some are done very professionally and make it very easy to follow.  Tarrant County has RSS feeds for both their videos and agendas. Tarrant County Commissioners Court Tarrant County College District Tarrant County Hospital District City of Keller KISD Tarrant County’s Commissioners Court meeting’s page […]

You think things are dirty now, read this article that my dad sent to me on his way to Denver to find out how it used to be. John Adams lived long enough to see his son become president in 1825, but he died before John Quincy Adams lost the presidency to Andrew Jackson in […]

My Dad and his ’63 Caddy Convertable, dubbed the Obamalac, are on thier way to Springfield, IL to be at Obama’s speech announcing his running mate. From there, he is driving to Denver to the Democratic Convention. I’ve posted before about his obsession with the messia Obama, but it gives him something to do with […]

Democratic officials said little-known Texas Rep. Chet Edwards was one of the few Democrats whose background was checked by Obama’s campaign and he was a finalist for the job. Related post here