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Agenda item #8 of last Tuesday’s council meeting was a resolution adopting a Clean Fleet Vehicle Policy for the City of Keller. Here’s the long and boring story made short and boring: Dallas/Fort Worth is a “non-attainment” area according to the EPA, which means we fail to meet EPA’s standards for air quality. The State […]

As I try to achieve my goals of smaller, less intrusive, and more efficient government, I often attempt a little humor. Alas, my too-dry—and sometimes imaginary—wit might land me a few pity votes next May. But there’s nothing funny about this post. It’s just an angry rant. The State of Texas has funded a program […]

Patrick McGee of the Star-Telegram picks up on my two-year rant about education v. entertainment in the library: Should expanded Keller library serve to enlighten or entertain? By PATRICK McGEE Star-Telegram Staff Writer KELLER — Just when it seemed the debate over the city’s library was over, a centuries-old argument about a library’s purpose […]

Good old boys Editor: The good-old-boy system is alive and well on the Keller City Council. The question before the council was whether or not Jim Carson violated the city charter. Instead of bringing in an outside, unbiased opinion, the council voted, 2-3, that he did not violate the charter. But isn’t it interesting that […]

In a 3-2 vote, the Council and Mayor cleared Councilman Carson of any Charter Violations. The Old Guard was out in force trying to get rid of their nemesis, the owner of this blog. It didn’t work, and in the process made the Interim City Manager look like a bitter little man. When was the […]

There’s an article in the Star-Telegram on Keller Station. Also, the city manager’s weekly memo says that Keller Station will be on the November 20th agenda. Current city council email count on Keller Station: 229 opposed, 5 in favor, 1 jump ball.

This coming Tuesday, the city council’s first agenda item is “Discuss and consider possible Charter violations by Jim Carson and take any appropriate action.” Adrienne Nettles has the byline in the Star-Telegram: Mayor says he will seek inquiry By ADRIENNE NETTLES Star-Telegram staff writer KELLER — Mayor Pat McGrail said he will ask the City […]

Tomorrow’s Keller Citizen will have the following Letter to the Editor: Editor: We wish to respond to last week’s letter to the editor by Ms. Betty Hipple. We are, respectively, the councilman who proposed the idea of council members receiving a family membership to the Keller Pointe, and the councilman most in favor of the […]

How about I tell you that the City is about to approve 310 more apartments in Town Center? Would that make you angry? Well, they are. Keller Station will be located at the NE Corner of 1709 and Keller Smithfield. Sure, Keller Station is part of a “Mixed Use Development” that seems all the rage […]

Former Councilman Steve Trine spoke in the Persons To Be Heard section of tonight’s council meeting. He called for the city council to remove me per Section 3.11, paragraph 3 of the City Charter. I strongly urge my fellow council members to investigate the details of Mr. Trine’s complaint, and, if valid, remove me from […]

My worthy adversaries’ spokeswoman, Pat Holding, weighs in with another letter to the editor of the Keller Citizen: Politics Editor: So what’s the big deal? The paper lately has had numerous letters concerning the firing of Officer Dan Bettes from the Keller Police Department. Obviously Dan Bettes believes that he was unjustly fired. People are […]

Last week Officer Dan Bettes was fired from the Keller Police Department. For the Tuesday, September 18th council meeting I requested an item be placed on the executive session regarding this termination. My request was strongly resisted but, as is my right, I insisted that the item appear on the agenda so that the full […]