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Jim Carson was cleared of Charter Violations…..if you are new to the site, or to Keller, the comments are worth a read. Last year I spent my anniversary at a City Council Meeting, this year I have to make up for it and take my wife out to a nice dinner.

This was posted today in both the Mayor’s weekly update and the City’s main page.  I didn’t “read” the Keller Citizen, but rather skimmed it today and didn’t see a mention in there.  The timing of the meeting kind of ticks me off as this should have been publicized further out than 6 days.  Heck, […]

Keller Station appeared for the first time on this blog.

Today Greenway Investments presented “Plan B” to city staff. It included a reduction in the number of apartments from 324 to about 270. Newly-appointed city manager Dan O’Leary informed Greenway that the multi-family component of their development is not in compliance with Keller’s Unified Development Code. Another update coming early next week…

You would think that the owners of Garabedian Properties would look out their window and see the winds of change blowing in Keller. That wind is bringing a grass roots uprising against high density developments in our town. Tonight I attended a meeting put on by Michael Garabedian for a project that he is proposing […]

Greenway Investments has withdrawn its current proposal for Keller Station. They have indicated that they will be bringing a revised plan sometime after the first of the year through the Planning & Zoning and City Council approval process.

Full Stop


Greenway Investments has requested that its application for Keller Station be tabled. Again. Please accept this email as a formal request to table consideration of our Concept Plan Amendment for Keller Station which is scheduled for November 20, 2007. After meeting with several citizens and City Council Members we have decided to re-look at our […]

OK, I just got back into town, and I had an email from Councilman Brown. Mr. Brown states that he will vote against Keller Station as long as apartments are part of the project. We have two votes but need three. Keep emailing the Council and Mayor. Keep the pressure on. Here’s your link: […]

There’s an article in the Star-Telegram on Keller Station. Also, the city manager’s weekly memo says that Keller Station will be on the November 20th agenda. Current city council email count on Keller Station: 229 opposed, 5 in favor, 1 jump ball.



The City Attorney has issued his opinion regarding my request that an exception be made so that the Keller Station agenda item can be held in a Public Hearing, so that the public might express their views on this project. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what his opinion is. It begins with this language, in […]

The would-be developer of Keller Station has requested that City Council consideration of its application be postponed. So Keller Station will not be on the November 6th agenda. However, I would encourage any of you who feel passionate about this issue to still come to the Council meeting next Tuesday. I have requested that the […]

We have one [retail/office master plan] in which citizens and business had input—it is called Town Center. The business plan has been sacrificed to multi-family residences in an attempt by the Mayor, Council, and staff to meet the financial requirements of the TIF.