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From tonight’s agenda: Consider a resolution to consider a proposal to adopt a tax rate that will exceed the lower of the rollback rate or the effective tax rate; calling two (2) public hearings to be held at 7:00 P.M., on September 2, 2008 and September 9, 2008, at Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek […]

With recent news that the Keller ISD will raise taxes to cover part of their budget shortfall for 08-09 and news that they will ask for another huge increase with a new bond, the question is will this increase the foreclosure rate in North Fort Worth? The School District is asking the citizens to pay […]

Latest: House Republicans oil protest to resume August 4. I was pleased to see that our U.S. Congressman, Dr. Michael Burgess, joined the revolt on Friday afternoon, 01Aug08, against the draconian tactics of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi wishes to replicate the failed energy policies of California on a national level. Democrats have even shut […]

The Texas Budget Source conveniently captures in one place those Texas school districts (a small percentage) that have placed their checkbook registers online. While a good beginning in transparency, a static PDF presentation or a linear checkbook register of individual line items is not very helpful. It is just data. What I want is information, i.e., […]

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is a good web site to bookmark and/or place in your RSS feed reader. It covers the Texas political and fiscal landscape by gathering up news from around the state, both positive and negative. The purpose of this non-profit is to “. . . create and sustain a system of strong […]

A hot topic in Austin this year will surely be Appraisal and/or Revenue Caps. Appraisal caps are legal limitations on how much the appraised value of real (taxable) property can increase. For example, if you have a 5% appraisal cap, the taxable value of your home cannot rise more than 5% in any one year, […]