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From the Mayor’s Update: The City Council awarded the bid for the Lower Pressure Plan 16-inch Water Transmission Line to L.H. Lacy Company in the amount of $1,370,416.50. The project involves installing about 6,200 feet of 16-inch water transmission line from Keller-Smithfield Road/Keller Parkway (FM 1709) to the Pearson Pump Station. The water line will […]

TXDot has a program where Cities apply for grants to upgrade their trails and sidewalks improving access to schools. This allows more kids the opportunity to walk or bike to school. I think it’s a great program, one that I feel that Keller should be spending General Fund money on, not just relying on grant […]

To no one’s surprise, some changes are happening at Town Hall since our new city manager, Dan O’Leary took over. One of the most visible is a new feature on the city’s website, Information from the Mayor: Within this section you’ll find a letter updating you on some of the goings-on in Keller. You’ll also […]

Agenda item #8 of last Tuesday’s council meeting was a resolution adopting a Clean Fleet Vehicle Policy for the City of Keller. Here’s the long and boring story made short and boring: Dallas/Fort Worth is a “non-attainment” area according to the EPA, which means we fail to meet EPA’s standards for air quality. The State […]

Child killed in train wreck in Watauga STAR-TELEGRAM WATAUGA — Police are working a train wreck that killed at least one child and severely injured another, according to scanner traffic and police dispatchers. Police are in the process of shutting down Highway 377 and drivers should avoid the area in the 5400 block of Watauga […]

About six years ago a church was granted a permit to build a new building directly behind my house. During construction, the city and their contractor came into my backyard and dug it up trying to find the water main that wasn’t where the plans showed it should be. As this fiasco continued, I called […]

The mayor and I paid a visit to Larry Cole’s development office on Pate Orr Road today. His project manager predicts that the paving subcontractor will begin work tomorrow. Let’s hope this prediction comes true. (The sign prankster wasn’t me this time.) I hope we’ve learned our lesson on public-private partnerships. It seems clear to […]

A prequel to the saga of The Million Dollar Ditch: In the beginning, God created a dry wash. God didn’t see any point in giving it a name, but it later became known as Highland Oaks Crossing Channel on Tributary LB-3, which did not exactly please God. We’ll just call it the ditch, not for […]

Next Tuesday’s Council Agenda Items 3 & 4 involve improving the Highland Oaks Crossing Channel. Here’s a Google map of the area. [Choose the Satellite view] The City of Keller is considering spending $1.3 million to improve the ditch shown in the map running NW to SE from Rufe Snow to North Tarrant Pkwy. It […]

While using Whitley today on my trip to the cleaners I found it flooded out again. This was my new route to get around the Pate Orr construction.  After my drop off and pick up I drove down to the barricade on Pate Orr to see if anything new had happened.  It looks like they almost have […]

I know all of you, by now, have experienced the “new and improved” widened Keller Parkway. Is it me, or are the lanes overly narrow? I appreciate anything that improves traffic flow, but I am not certain this thoroughfare was engineered to be six lanes. BTW, I realize this isn’t a City Government issue (probably […]