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We have one [retail/office master plan] in which citizens and business had input—it is called Town Center. The business plan has been sacrificed to multi-family residences in an attempt by the Mayor, Council, and staff to meet the financial requirements of the TIF.

For those of you who are new to the process, The Keller Citizen will print your Letter to the Editor as long as they receive it by Wednesday morning. It is a painless process as you may email your “letter” to them at or Please keep them short and to the point. And […]

For those of you who are really into Keller politics, or at least Keller Station, you might be interested in this snippet of a joint meeting of the City Council and the Planning & Zoning Commission. Joe Petersen: Something Mr. Carson said a minute ago, about zoning being a promise. I disagree–I don’t think that […]

Over the next couple of days, I will post a few quotes from elected officials and will allow you the poster to figure out who said them. I think the quotes are very telling, and the comments these elected officials make on November 6th will tell us, the voter, whether these officials just tell us […]

Here is the opening paragraph of the Town Center UDC: The Town Center District is a concentrated center of business activity creating a focal point in the City of Keller. The Town Center District implements the recommendations set forth in the approved Town Center Design Guidelines adopted April 17, 1990 and subsequently amended on October […]

How about I tell you that the City is about to approve 310 more apartments in Town Center? Would that make you angry? Well, they are. Keller Station will be located at the NE Corner of 1709 and Keller Smithfield. Sure, Keller Station is part of a “Mixed Use Development” that seems all the rage […]

The construction containers are now gone from the Kroger parking lot in Town Center. As Councilman, I take credit for this feat. Since the initial complaint, I’ve done everything in my power to get rid of these ugly containers. My powers in this regard are 1) whining, and 2) making dumb jokes. I accomplished this […]

Jane Orman, perhaps of Southern Land, writes in the comments of a prior post titled Rent-Seeking: You make good points but lack all the information. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires wheelchair access ramps for any apartment sales center. Hence the low profile trailer, etc. A sales center is required because of the unique nature […]

Our new sales trailer has arrived on the West Lawn of Town Hall! Since the City of Keller is pro-business and always treats everyone equally, I encourage local businesses to snap up the East Lawn before it’s too late.  The cost is $1,000 per year. Prior smart-aleck remarks can be found here:

The two dozen storage containers in the Kroger parking lot at Rufe Snow and Keller Parkway have been an eye-sore for months and apparently will be there for several more months as Kroger does some slow-paced remodeling.  It makes a key intersection in the heart of our city look like the Houston ship docks.  How […]

…you’ve ever helped someone take the wheels off his house. Your city council, in a four-to-Jim vote, approved the placement of a double-wide smack-dab in the middle of Town Hall Plaza.  What’s this stuff on my leg?  Is it raining? Here’s the video of my spitting reason into an ocean of group-think.

Southern Land, developer of the Arthouse project, is petitioning the City of Keller in agenda item # 12 in Tuesday’s Council meeting.  They wish to put a double-wide Sales & Marketing trailer on the big grassy area between Town Hall and the Natatorium. They are offering to pay $1,000 for the use of this […]