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Well it’s pretty clear that we’ve touched a nerve with our stated intent to overturn the council’s anticipated decision to borrow money to cover its budget shortfall. The city manager sent me a memo from Stan Lowry, City Attorney this morning: MEMORANDUM TO: Dan O’Leary, City Manager City of Keller FROM: Stan Lowry Boyle & […]

So where was I? Oh yeah… This blog has been resurrected, remodeled and renamed, at least temporarily, to take advantage of a rare opportunity. How many times in the last few years have you anguished over government excess? And how many times were you able to do something about it? To rapidly effect real change? […]

I posted this under a different headline, questioning the Texas Open Meetings act, and got it all wrong. Had lunch today at the new Zaxby’s and ran into Mayor Pat McGrail. He told me there was an article coming out in the Citizen tomorrow detailing how three City Council Members showed up for the 2:00 […]

I couldn’t attend the meeting due to a conflict in my schedule that came up at the last minute… comes first.  I just got home a few minutes ago and I will watch the meeting later and comment on it in a followup post.  I caught the closing seconds on the TV when I came […]

Just received an email from Chris Fuller with some good news.  I’m not taking credit for this, but I’m glad it’s happened. Doug,  The City will be conducting a second public input meeting for the Town Center Visioning Project.  The meeting date has not yet been determined but will likely be held the second week […]

I sent off an email to the Mayor as I stated I would in an earlier post.  I explained that I was extremely disappointed in the timing of the meeting on Thursday and that he and staff should have done a better job letting the public know about the Thursday meeting.  Late tonight I received […]

They are calling it a web exclusive…..but since we had it here on Friday night, I don’t know if I’d call it exclusive.

Tonight we were briefed about the Thursday Town Center Visioning meeting, requesting that only two members show up for the Public Meeting and a 2:00 meeting with the Mayor and staff to make sure we didn’t have a Quorum and violate the Texas Open Meetings Act.  I expressed my displeasure with the way the public […]

This was posted today in both the Mayor’s weekly update and the City’s main page.  I didn’t “read” the Keller Citizen, but rather skimmed it today and didn’t see a mention in there.  The timing of the meeting kind of ticks me off as this should have been publicized further out than 6 days.  Heck, […]

I’ve posted on the TIF many times.  I’ve written LTTE about the TIF many times. Fast forward all these years and now we have a City Manager who is not afraid to tell the cold, hard truth.  As I stated in a comment on a previous post, Mr. O’Leary does have some cover on this […]

Monty asks the following rhetorical question in a prior post: But to prevent this situation in the future, the “predominantly non-residential” language needs to be replaced by “no additional residential” or something equally unequivocal. Given the ubiquitous opposition to apartments in this town, I don’t understand why that hasn’t been done already. Can someone explain […]

From the DMN today: These days you can’t build anything bigger than a branch bank without someone calling it a town center. The truth is that most of these suburban wannabes are far from the center of anything and amount to a strip mall with a few apartments sprinkled on top. Along with village, town […]