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For the wine connoisseur, the Dallas Morning News did a taste test on Walmart’s $3 wine….turns out it’s pretty good. Everyone agreed the wines would be a bargain at three times the price and ideal for holiday entertaining. The wines don’t say Wal-Mart anywhere, but if you’re afraid friends might recognize the label, just put […]

A couple of weeks ago I installed Google Analytics with the purpose to track the traffic on the website, particularly for the Podcasts.  The reasoning was that I spend about 4 hours preparing for the interview, an hour or so doing the interview and then another four or five hours editing and posting them. So, with that […]

He had been having some server problems but they seem to be resolved now.  However, he still isn’t receiving his email

A video my brother did for the company he works for.  Stick around to the end if you can, it’s worth it.  


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Johnny Depp has been working on Public Enemies his new movie about John Dillinger  over the last few months.  Last summer the crew stopped in St. Anne Illinois to film some scenes for the movie.  One of the places they filmed used to be home to my great grandparents.  My dad wrote a blurb today about the […]

There are a lot of celebrities that live in Keller and I have had the opportunity to meet a few.  Mark Davis from WBAP and I get our hair cut at the same place in town, and for some reason we must have the same schedule because I see him at least three or four […]

Mr. Miller, Thank you for writing.  When I shared your concerns with Katherine, here is what she explained to me:  Doug,  When you emailed, that story had been online for about five minutes, but had not yet aired. The correction was made immediately, and when it did air, it stated that the church is located in […]



In amongst the bills and my wife’s 401K statement that I put in the burn pile next to the fireplace without opening (hey, I might need it to heat my house this winter), there was an advertisement for Keystone Church: When it comes to parenting…… Do you ever feel overwhelmed, clueless exhausted, stressed out, or […]

Christmas stuff at Home Depot, originally uploaded by kellercitylimits. Can’t believe it , before long they will have Christmas stuff up in July

The Ft. Worth Weekly’s Best Of Edition came out this week, and Manny G’s was listed for “Best Appetizer” Also, armadillo eggs — balls of sausage stuffed with jalapeños and cheddar cheese, then wrapped in a home-made biscuit may sound crazy, but man, it’s crazy good at Manny G’s, 444 Keller Pkwy, Keller. Jessie from […]

KHS Band

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If Symmetry is Wrong, I don’t wanna be right., originally uploaded by David Kozlowski. While browsing through some Flickr photo’s tonight, I came across this great photo by David Kozlowski.. Looks more like a painting than a photograph, a stunning picture.