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Last night, I located an old friend, Tom, on Facebook. I have known him since Jr high school days when I met him at a summer camp (it will come as a shock to some of you that know me that the camp was for the “academically talented” — please no corny replies). The last time I contacted this person was in the mid 1980s. He has had a successful career in television and radio heading up a rather large public tv and radio network. Back to the story …. in Tom’s communication with me he mentioned something he sent to the Washington Post regarding his early association with Ben Bernanke (current Fed Reserve Chair that replaced Greenspan). I responded to Tom, “was Bernanke at the camp?” Tom proceeded to remind me of a short fellow we all called “Little Ben” who won the award as the most creative prankster at the camp. I then recalled the “Little Ben” reference and the camper that was always in trouble for practical jokes. Ben was actually younger than the ages of most campers because he had advanced a grade or two. No wonder he went on to attend Harvard and MIT. Maybe all this economic crisis is just another prank?? I wish….

Have any of you noticed the increase in the local Keller fox population (and I do mean the 4 legged furry kind)? Foxes have been around our neighborhood for 5 years or more that I know of. Over the past year, they have become more visible and just yesterday I chased two from my back yard. In May at least one pair had pups and they have been sighted several times. They are not very afraid of a human presence, and you really have to yell and throw things to make them move along. They appear to be in good health (no outward sign of rabies or the like). Neighbors are concerned for the safety of small pets. They are making a mess of my yard — significant amount of droppings and during certain times of the year they “mark” their territory and the scent is amazingly similar to that of a skunk — not very pleasant!! KPD and Animal Control are aware of the situation since several folks have called to report or register a complaint. I understand traps have been placed in the area but catching a fox is not a simple task. One crossed Shady Grove in front of me yesterday just east of Rufe Snow as I was headed home.

I would be interested to note if any of you have noticed this and is there a “home remedy” to urge the creatures to move to a different area.

Keller Fire Rescue gets to put the third ambulance into life saving mode almost immediately. Once again, it has been shown just how important these fine employees are and also how urgent the need is/was for the 3rd fire station and expansion of city services. The following is copied from the Mayor’s May 23 Weekly Update.

A Major Milestone in the History of Keller Fire Rescue EMS

During the groundbreaking ceremony for Keller Fire Station No. 4 held on Friday, May 9, I was pleased to announce the addition of a third frontline ambulance and crew being placed into service to help alleviate our current increase in demand for service.

On Wednesday of this week (May 21), a series of not unfamiliar events began to occur. The City’s 9-1-1 communications center received, in a very short period of time, requests for ambulance response for different persons suffering from illness or injury. What would be different about this series of events is that for the first time in our history Keller Fire Rescue was able to respond using a third ambulance, staffed by Keller firefighter/paramedics, at a very critical time.

As the calls began to unfold, the third call happened to be a citizen who was suffering from what was reported to be a sudden onset of severe bleeding. When the firefighter/paramedics arrived they found the patient to be lifeless and in cardiac arrest. The team of firefighter/paramedics initiated emergency care and transport. Through their efforts the patient’s pulse and life were restored prior to arrival to the hospital emergency care center.

We should all be very proud and reassured by our commitment and decision to place the third ambulance in service and know that at a time when it really mattered, that decision made a major difference in someone else’s life.

Next Saturday, May 31. This sometimes sneaks up on me and last year it happened again …. I forgot to clean out the garage and underneath the sinks to remove any hazardous waste that can’t be disposed of in the normal trash collection. The Weekend of May 30-June 1 will be a busy one with KellerFest underway as well (see Doug’s Thread). I thought it wise to call attention to this other annual event that is a worthwhile service to take advantage of.

Mayor’s Update

Household Hazardous Waste Mobile Collection Day

Saturday, May 31 from 9:00 AM until the collection unit is full

Municipal Service Center, 151 Bear Creek Pkwy West

Keller’s household hazardous waste collection program is free to citizens with proof of residency such as a current driver’s license or recent water bill. Citizens are asked to “Piggyback a Load” with neighbors and community groups, as the city is charged on a per load basis.

Acceptable items include: acids, aerosol cans, antifreeze, batteries (all kinds, including car batteries), brake fluid, cooking oil, craft chemicals, degreasers, drain cleaner, fertilizer, fluorescent light bulbs, herbicides, household chemicals, motor oil, paints and stains, paint thinners, pest strips, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, oil filters, solvents, transmission fluid and varnish.

Items not acceptable are: ammunition, asbestos, building materials, butane cylinders, electronics, explosives, medical waste, PCBs, propane cylinders, radioactive material, smoke detectors, tires, and TVs.

For more information on the collection program, contact the City of Fort Worth’s Environmental Collection Center at (817)871-5276.

I know this is a departure from the normal musings on KCL, but with the lull, hopefully you will indulge me. The wife and I enjoyed a long weekend in NYC last month (we have been known to do this every once in a while.) Thanks to the nephew who produces for Diane S on GMA we had the A-List treatment at the ABC Times Square studios. How in the world live tv gets on the air was a marvel. I found the behind the scenes efforts to be the most interesting to observe. We spent some of the morning in the Green Room with guests and GMA staff. We met most of the crew (Diane, Robin, Chris C.) and got some good pics and videos. Mariah Carey kicked off the summer concert series and we were right up front at the stage. The rest of the weekend was just as eventful with several good meals (including Daniel’s on the Upper East Side) and seeing “Jersey Boys”. If you are a fan of the 60’s music scene and particularly the Four Seasons, I highly recommend this musical play.

On the Set With Diane

On the 20/20 Set

Mariah Carey Performs on GMA

I have learned on good authority that Jim is full of the Christmas spirit (even though some of you think he is full of something else!! :) ). The link below should serve as evidence. With political correctness aside, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dancing Jim

Bagworms In Backyard

I am told that the many web – like areas consuming a significant number of trees around town are bagworms. They seem to be attacking mulberry trees and other junk-like shrubs first but are now getting into oaks and other more desirable foliage. Has anyone else noticed this? Any suggestions on what needs to be done? The City might want to consider notifying residents with some recommendation of treatment and I am sure they may want to inspect the parks & other City property.

Dear KCL readers,

Pat McGrail placed an ad in tomorrow’s Keller Citizen responding to Julie Tandy’s half-page ad last week. It is posted at the following address:

Mayor Tandy will have a full-page ad in tomorrow’s Citizen, which we won’t have time to respond to, and we can’t afford to anyway. In it, she complains once again of mud-slinging and negativity. With the possible exception of a few comments on this blog, I respectfully submit that some of the harshest rhetoric toward Julie Tandy is coming from the Star-Telegram. Please consider that in your vote on Saturday.

Thank you,
Frank Flanagan
Pat McGrail Campaign Treasurer

I know all of you, by now, have experienced the “new and improved” widened Keller Parkway. Is it me, or are the lanes overly narrow? I appreciate anything that improves traffic flow, but I am not certain this thoroughfare was engineered to be six lanes. BTW, I realize this isn’t a City Government issue (probably not an issue at all), but now when you are doing the speed limit in the right hand lane and you come upon a bicyclist, beware!! Another warning: until drivers approaching Keller Pkwy understand there is no additional room to “ease” out into the intersection, you may hear the screeching of brakes (or perhaps, like I was, you may be the one applying them). This also applies to our good neighbors to the East (Southlake) since the roadway continues through their city as well.