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Sorry for not posting for the past week, but took the family north to visit with my family.  First time in eight years that all four of my brothers and I have been together.  We were even able to talk politics and not have a fist fight…..I think we have finally grown up a little.  Didn’t get to take the Obamalac for a ride, but my little brother has a sweet 1957 Cadillac Eldorado.  The toils of being a highly paid computer executive.  He bought it sight unseen off of Ebay.

  • Miles travelled:  2249
  • Cheapest Diesel seen:  $2.26  (Outside of St. Louis)
  • Cheapest Gas seen:  $1.43  (Tulsa)
  • Lowest temperature while driving:  16 degrees
  • Speeding Tickets:  0

My big 3/4 Ton Chevy Four Door Four Wheel Drive Diesel averaged over 18MPG on the trip, and that is with having the four wheel drive engaged for about 150 miles during a snowstorm in Des Moines Iowa. I was pleased.

On another note, I have lived in Texas almost twice as long as I have in Illinois, and I still can’t think of a reason why anybody would live in a place that considers 40 degrees a warm day in November.

Help Wanted

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From the FWST:

Old Town Keller Merchants Association seeks volunteers to work on the Keller train, which will be cleaned and refurbished so that tours can again be conducted. The group also seeks to start a Train Club and open a Train Museum. For information, call 817-821-9518.

I have been watching CNBC tonight and on the scroll at the top of the screen, I just saw where December Gasoline Futures are trading at 99 cents a gallon.  I guess the evil cabal that controls Oil Prices and forced the surge to $145 a barrel last summer must be on Christmas Break.

Went to the TC Visioning Meeting last night, and it seemed to be more productive than the first meeting.  Everybody stated that the message of no more apartments has been received and there seemed to be more of a feeling of what direction that we can go in the future for the remaining land in Town Center.

The next step is for the City Council to receive the report sometime after the first of the year.

Like pigs lining up at the trough, the City of Dallas is formulating a plan to ask for money in the next stimulus bill. 

My question to you, will Keller get in line or take a pass?


My brother was interviewed by NPR on the topic.  You can listen to or read a transcript of the interview here.

Busy Week

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On Monday:

The Keller Economic Development Board and the Keller City Council will conduct a joint meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 17, at Keller Town Hall. The meeting is set to discuss the goals and objectives of the KEDB, the City’s incentives policy and determine target businesses that the City would like to attract.

On Tuesday:

This past Tuesday, the Council met in a work session to discuss the proposed changes to the UDC in detail. The Council is planning to continue its review during a workshop starting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 18, and will accept comments from the public during the regular session that starts at 7 p.m.

On Wednesday:

The public is encouraged to attend and participate in a second workshop meeting on the Keller Town Center Visioning Project at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19, at Keller Town Hall. The focus is to help develop an updated plan to guide the development of the remaining parcels in Town Center.

All items above courtesy of the Mayor’s weekly update.

With the price of Natural Gas falling in the past few months, it may be time to look at changing your electric provider or at least locking in a new rate.  When going to today I found rates as low as 10.9¢ for month to month, or 11.3¢ for a six month contract.  If you think Natural Gas prices will continue to fall, you might want to lock in a shorter contract, if you think they will spike back up, now is the time to lock in for a long period of time.

My contract had expired with my current provider and when I happened to look at my bill, they had bumped up my rate to over 14 cents.

Maybe, according to Kathleen Pender:

Should you keep paying your mortgage?

If you have significant equity in your home, absolutely.

If you don’t, it’s getting harder to answer that question, especially when our government keeps giving people who owe more than their homes are worth so many reasons not to pay.

Last week, the government announced a program that will substantially lower payments for many homeowners who have little or no equity, but only if they are at least 90 days delinquent.

Critics say the plan, which applies to loans owned or guaranteed by government wards Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac among others, could encourage people to suspend payments.

But what about the moral obligation to pay off a debt?

Typical, if you do the right thing, you get run over by those running for a bailout.

Maybe it’s time to go John Galt….

Just finished watching his interview on 60 Minutes, and the closing question was on a playoff for Division 1 College Football.  He said that he supports it and will throw his weight behind the proposal.

All I can say is….Yes We Can!

Ft. Worth Business Press has a timely article on what different Cities are doing to attract retailers:

Wetzel said cities can begin the process of aggressively marketing to retailers by cleaning up their permitting process, which makes building new stores easier for retailers and developers alike, as well as creating an up-to-date inventory of all retail sites in the city and creating incentive plans, which don’t have to include tax cuts, to attract retailers to the city.

“All of these things let retailers know that you’re going to work with them better than the city next door and that’s the kind of thing that can make a decision for a retailer,” she said. “An incentive for them could be you helping them with an expedient permitting and code process. If you’re invested in streamlining your process, they’ll want to do business with you.”

Hey, in this job market, I am willing to use all available means.  My daughter is graduating from Sam Houston State in December and is currently looking for her first real job.  She has a major in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration.  She will graduate with over a 3.0 average and made the Deans List last semester.  She is a hard worker and has held a job since she was 14 years old.

If you know of any openings or have a lead, email me at doug at