While using Whitley today on my trip to the cleaners I found it flooded out again. This was my new route to get around the Pate Orr construction.  After my drop off and pick up I drove down to the barricade on Pate Orr to see if anything new had happened.  It looks like they almost have all the corrugated pipe in, all they need to do is cover it up before it floats off and resurface the road.  I don’t think this is going to happen by the new Feb. 1 deadline.

The city said they were going after the property owner that they claim is causing the flooding on Whitley.  That must not of worked because Whitley is still flooding whenever a cloud floats by. On Pate Orr we are four months into a project that really amounts to no more than digging a hole and throwing in a cheap corrugated pipe.  Just like farmers have done for 100 years.  Only they usually only took a day or two to accomplish their projects.  Did the city get a performance clause in their contract when they let whoever they hired build this ditch? 

After the first Rufe Snow fiasco and now Whitley and Pate Orr I can’t wait to see how long the next Rufe Snow project takes.  Oh, I forgot about the bridge on Keller-Smithfield.  Keller should take a look at the state and see if they could match their performance on the widening of 1709 from Keller to Hwy 114. 

Most of this rant is tongue in cheek, but seriously the city has a poor track record with street projects and even though I think Rufe Snow should have been widened years ago, I am dreading this project based on what has and is happening. There is a lot of room for improvement and accountability.